4th - 7th March 2015

ExCeL London Exhibition and Convention Centre, London

Latches, Spinlocks, and Lock Free Data Structures

You know locking and blocking very well in SQL Server? You know how the isolation level influences locking? Perfect! Join me in this session to make a further deep dive into how SQL Server implements physical locking with lightweight synchronization objects like Latches and Spinlocks. We will cover the differences between both, and their use-cases in SQL Server. You will learn about best practices how to analyze and resolve Latch- and Spinlock contentation for your performance critical workload. At the end we will talk about lock free data structures, what they are, and how they are used by the new In-Memory OLTP technology that is part of SQL Server 2014.
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    Klaus Aschenbrenner provides SQL Server Consulting services across Europe and the US. He helps people around the world to understand, use, and run SQL Server installations in their environments. In the years 2004 - 2005 Klaus was honored with MVP awards from Microsoft for his tremendous support of the .NET Community. Klaus is also the author of the book Pro SQL Server 2008 Service Broker (ISBN 1590599993) published by Apress in August 2008.
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