4th - 7th May 2016


Atul Thakor

Atul is an analyst developer who currently works within the financial services industry. He has been using SQL Server to deliver highly scalable systems which have been in the form of .NET Web, Windows, SSIS, and more recently SAS.

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An introduction to LINQ covering what it is, why people choose to use it, and how you can help your developers when troubleshooting and performance tuning as you previously did through stored procedures.

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Finding the maximum value/date across columns 21 Nov 2011
While working on some code recently I discovered a neat little trick to find the maximum value across several columns….. So the starting point was finding the maximum date across several related tables and storing the maximum value against an aggregated record. Here's the sample setup code: ...

Introducing the Excel Fuzzy Matching Lookup Add-In 03 May 2011
My job involves a fair amount of fuzzy matching, when working on the analysis for a project I’ll often use excel as it does everything I need but its also great as you can send spreadsheets to the business knowing they’ll be comfortable using it and fairly self sufficient. This fuzzy matching ...

Reporting Services 2008 R2 Gauges setting scale and colour based on value 28 Apr 2011
So…. I started to play with reporting services this week and its proving to be pretty good fun so far… here is a very quick post covering the setup of a gauge, altering its scale and changing its colour based on input values. Firstly create a blank reporting services project Add a new Shared ...

Running Massive Updates, Deletes, Inserts 28 Apr 2011
Firstly with large transactions comes large transaction logs, ensure you grow your log accordingly before running a huge transaction because autogrows can cause overhead during execution for example: why did the query run so quickly on test rather than live… the likelihood is you ran it repeatedly ...

First time speaking at SQLBits and the laptop debacle 11 Apr 2011
So this weekend I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to speak at the largest SQL Server conference in the UK, I’d been attending the conference since it began back in 2007 on and off and have seen it grow from strength to strength attracting some of the best in the industry. I had wanted to ...