Building a dynamic OLAP environment

You will have heard of (and hopefully used) dynamic SQL; but dynamic OLAP? 

Often end-users demand that extra attributes are added to the cube to meet their own specific analysis needs.  This is particularly true when you are selling market data where each client demands their own cube with their own set of attributes.  Building several hundred OLAP databases per day, each with its own unique set of data and attributes becomes a tall order unless the process is automated. 

This session will present the tools and techniques used to create fully functional OLAP data marts on-the-fly from a mere set of data files and configuration metadata.

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    John is an independent consultant with extensive experience of implementing Business Intelligence solutions on the Microsoft platform across a wide range of industries including financial services and professional services organisations.

    John designs and builds solutions based on Microsoft SQL Server / SSAS / SSRS / SSIS delivered to the end-user through SharePoint portals.

    John's key skills are in systems integration, bringing together disparate components and getting them working in a coherent fashion.

    Specialties: Design and development of business intelligence, data warehouse and reporting systems based on OLAP technologies delivered to the end-user via SharePoint.
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