SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services Scalability and Performance

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services provides a complete, server-based platform designed to support a wide variety of reporting needs enabling organizations to deliver relevant information where needed across the entire enterprise. This session covers the new scalability features of SQL Server Reporting Services 2008, such as on-demand processing and improved memory management. The session will demonstrates how to build a high performance, scalable reporting platform and explains performance tuning techniques to ensure that report performance remains optimal as your platform grows.
Presented by Rob Carrol at SQLBits VI
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    I have been working with SQL Server since 1999, firstly as a web developer, but primarily in a DBA and consultancy capacity. I joined Microsoft in 2008 as a SQL Server Premier Field Engineer, working with some of Microsoft's largest clients in the UK and Europe, specialising in SQL Server performance tuning and Business Intelligence. I'm based in Scotland and I'm married with 2 daughters. When I'm not working with SQL Server you'll usually find me playing on Xbox Live !
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