If you make a transition from performing workflow activity SSIS to Azure Data Factory, you'll no doubt be disappointed by the flexibility offered, even with ADFV2. The complexity decision paths, failure roots, for-each logic isn't offered - and it shouldn't be, Data Factory is designed to be a very different tool.

But what if you need that level of decision making power? Azure Logic Apps fills a huge gap in the Azure story and if you've not tried it yet - you should. Logic Apps provides control-flow style functionality and can orchestrate small data packets from a huge range of common sources. Want to scrape twitter, read sensor messages, call webservices and record the results, all with zero coding and no server management? Its now possible with zero coding. 

This session will introduce Logic Apps & how it fits into the Modern Analytics Platform then demonstrate building a twitter scraper step by step, demonstrating the process of building, deploying and debugging an app.
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