From user groups to #sqlhelp-the SQL community explained

Run by folks heavily involved in the SQL community, this session explores what opportunities are out there for networking, learning and collaborating. Covering local, national, global, & digital communities, we'll put you in the know. 
As well as outlining what's available, if you're in a SQL dead-zone with no local user group we're on hand to provide the advice and info you need to find other interested people in your area, and how to launch a user group of your own
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    Bringing together 16 SQL Server user groups in Great Britain, covering Exeter to Edinburgh and Cardiff to Cambridge. The leaders of the groups include developers, consultants, DBAs and BI pros, with MVPs, MCITPs & MScs, a wealth of SQL blogs and well over 100 years of collective SQL experience.

    The groups are all run voluntarily, with the aim of building the SQL Server community, sharing knowledge and hopefully having a bit of fun.

    A number of user group leaders will be presenting the nuggets, representing the community as a whole.
    If there’s not a user group in your area, and you’d like one, talk to us and you could be in on the next leaders a-z!
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