4th - 7th March 2015

ExCeL London Exhibition and Convention Centre, London

Data Security – In a Post Snowden World

In the recent past, data was secure, or at least it appeared to be. What we now know to be true is something quite different. In this session, we will explore Data Security and the implications of making both the data secure and failing to make the data secure. We will cover the fundamentals of what it takes to make data secure right through to practical delivery. This information is vital to the business owner and decision maker, it is what will keep them in business and out of legal difficulties.

Important information for Senior Managers and Decision Makers
  • Making data security real
  • The cost of getting it wrong
  • The gains of getting it right
It is vital, to provide information to senior management that his comprehensible and useful has always been a challenge for technical experts. We must bridge this gap and in this session we will.
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  • SpeakerBIO

    Dr Katherine Bean has her PhD in Electronic Engineering and is a Chartered Engineer. She specializes in making better businesses.

    She is a storage expert and software developer, with experience of developing RAID and SAN systems along with the infrastructure needed to implement large scale systems at IBM.

    She works with clients internationally to make sure their data is safe, reliable and securely accessible.

    As a fully qualified teacher and experienced university lecturer, she is well suited to deliver on-site training. Bringing the full benefit of technology into business in a way that is usable and understood by senior management.

    http://dvana.com http://dvana.com/feed
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