4th - 7th March 2015

ExCeL London Exhibition and Convention Centre, London

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Database design is a forgotten art. With so many bad practices are so deeply rooted, I'm sometimes amazed at how SQL Server manages to perform so well. There are many areas where you can go wrong. However, design errors will probably be the hardest to correct.
In this session we will cover 10 of the most common errors that I encounter over and over again. Some of them are well hidden, and some are staring in your face. Some of them will require a redesign of your schema, but some are actually pretty easy to fix and may result in significant performance gains and improved data consistency.
Among the issues that we will cover are normalization, index choices, constraints, data types, collations, and database topology.
Presented by Ami Levin at SQLBits XI
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    Ami Levin is a Microsoft SQL Server MVP, with over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. For the past 14 years he has been consulting, teaching and speaking on SQL Server worldwide. He manages the Israeli SQL Server user group, moderates the local MSDN SQL Server support forum, and is a regular speaker at Microsoft conferences. Levin’s areas of expertise are data modeling, database design, T-SQL and performance tuning. He blogs and publishes regularly on sql-server-tuning.com.

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