Columnstore Index Internals

In this session we are going to take a deep dive into the columnstore index feature introduced in SQL Server 2012. We will compare columnstore with b-tree indexes and see why a columnstore index is not really an index at all.

After attending you will be able to identify queries that will benefit from columnar storage. You will be able to explain how the data in a columnstore index is stored on disk and which access mechanisms are available to SQL Server. You will be able to see whether a query is running in row mode or is utilizing the new batch mode and explain the difference between the two. 

In this talk we will also cover the gaps that were left in the current implementation, scheduled to be filled in a future version of SQL Server.
Presented by Sebastian Meine at SQLBits XI
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    Sebastian is the SQL Stylist at llc ( He founded in 2010 to fully engage in his passion for SQL Server. Sebastian provides training and consulting services. He specializes in T-SQL Test Driven Development (TDD) and performance tuning and shares his knowledge regularly with audiences world-wide through his writings and speaking engagements. Sebastian is also the CTO of TSTS Inc, a company that provides online personalized training and workout solutions.

    After receiving his PhD in Computer Science, Sebastian moved to the United States to begin his career as a software developer for a global Fortune 50 company. He quickly rose to the role of software architect, functioning as a SQL performance and TDD expert, assuming responsibility for the code quality and performance of dozens of large-scale database installations nationwide.
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