Putting tabular models into production

So you’re rolling out SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services. Are you ready to go into production with tabular models? Find out how to make the call.
We will go into detail about tabular vs. multidimensional with Akshai Mirchandani. Then, learn how to plan your tabular implementation, get advice on perf and scale, see demos on administration, processing, partitioning, automation, DirectQuery, globalization, and more.

This is a fast paced demo-oriented session, mixed with some fun stories from product development.
Presented by Cathy Dumas at SQLBits X
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    Cathy Dumas is a BI consultant in Vancouver, BC. She was previously a Program Manager on the SQL Server Analysis Services team, where she built features for the new tabular model/BI semantic model in SQL Server 2012.
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