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Steve Jones is currently the editor of SQLServerCentral, employed by Red Gate Software. Steve has been working with SQL Server for two decades at a variety of large and small companies. Steve has spent time as a hiring manager as well as a technical DBA, easily moving back and forth between these positions at different employers. He has managed Windows networks, functioned as a production DBA, development DBA, software developer, and DBA manager. His work has included start-up as well as Fortune 1000 companies in the power, financial, education, and software industries. He currently has his dream job managing the largest SQL Server community on the Internet from his ranch in Colorado and writes a daily editorial at SQLServerCentral.

Sooner or later some sort of disaster occur on your SQL Server instance. It might be the destruction of a server, the corruption of a page inside the database, or just the unexpected deletion of some data. When disaster does strike, will you be prepa
A look at binary data in SQL Server and full-text searching of the content of binary files.
Everyone wants a job they enjoy and look forward to working at each day. This session will present practical techniques for improving your brand and giving you the chance to interview for the job you want.
Building software is hard, and we often find that fixing bugs is expensive if they are not caught early. Continuous Integration (CI) has proven to be a valuable technique in improving software quality and this session demonstrates CI for databases.

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It’s about Perception 17 Oct 2014
This editorial was originally published on Dec 9, 2009. It is being re-run as Steve is on vacation. It’s not just the code. Sure the code’s important, but it’s not necessarily the most important thing. It’s more than just the way something works, even if the code is written ...

What will you see at SQL in the City 16 Oct 2014
London, Oct 24, 2014 Seattle, Nov 3, 2014 Come join us. Filed under: Blog Tagged: Humor, syndicated

Learning Options in Seattle Next Month 16 Oct 2014
The 2014 PASS Summit takes place next month. Actually a few weeks, on Nov 3-7, 2014 in Seattle. While many people attend the conference, there are some additional options for learning that you might think about in addition to the conference itself. While the conference is great, getting deeper ...

Networking at the PASS Summit 15 Oct 2014
The 2014 PASS Summit is coming up in a few weeks and thousands of SQL Server professionals will be coming to Seattle for the event. Many will arrive early, and many will be there for the first or second time in their careers. Many of them will be that guy (or girl). Don’t start the […]

T-SQL Tuesday #59–My Hero 14 Oct 2014
It’s October, and another busy fall is underway for me. It’s also the second Tuesday, so it’s T-SQL Tuesday time again. The invite this month is from Tracy Mckibben, and it’s a neat topic. Not really a technical one, but a fun one that I like. My Hero! is the title, and we’re asked to […]