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Rob Sewell

Rob is a SQL Server DBA currently supporting several hundred databases ranging from SQL 2000 to SQL 2012 and including Ingres and Oracle for a government organisation. Rob has a fabulous beard and loves to use Powershell to make his life easier

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PowerShell Snippets A Great Learning Tool 09 Sep 2014
  When I talk to people about Powershell they often ask how can they easily learn the syntax. Here’s a good tip Open PowerShell ISE and press CTRL + J You will find a number of snippets that will enable you to write your scripts easily.  Johnathan Medd PowerShell MVP has written a good ...

Find Out Which Indexes are on which Filegroups using PowerShell And How To Find Other Information 07 Sep 2014
  A short post today to pass on a script I wrote to fulfil a requirement I had. Which indexes are on which filegroups. I found a blog post showing how to do it with T-SQL but as is my wont I decided to see how easy it would be with PowerShell. I also thought […]

Refreshing Availability Group Database with PowerShell 04 Sep 2014
Following last weeks post on Refreshing A Mirrored Database with PowerShell I thought I would write the script to refresh an Availability Group Database. An availability group supports a failover environment for a discrete set of user databases, known as availability databases, that fail over ...

Refreshing A SQL Mirrored Database Using Powershell 25 Aug 2014
  SQL mirroring is a means of providing high availability for your SQL database. It is available in Standard Edition and although the feature is deprecated it is still widely utilised. You can read more about it on MSDN here and Jes Borland wrote a useful post answering many questions here ...

Enable CLR with Powershell 05 May 2014
I had an email last night from someone who attended my PowerShell Box of Tricks session at SQL Saturday Exeter He was getting an error whilst trying to set CLR Enabled during an automatic install and asked if I had any ideas. The error he had was related to Invoke-SQLcmd and the method he was ...