Laerte Junior is a Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP, focused on PowerShell and automation and, through his simple-talk articles, an an active member of the SQL Server and PowerShell community around the World. He is a skilled Principal Database Architect, Developer, and Administrator, specializing in SQL Server and PowerShell Programming and Automation. He also is PASS Virtual Chapter Mentor , Co-Lead of the PASS PowerShell Virtual Chapter and former PASS Regional Mentor for Brasil. In addition He is also a HUGE Star Wars Fan, his main skill. "May The Force be with us"
Laerte Junior has submitted 3 sessions for SQLBits 2018, although the agenda hasn't been chosen yet. See all submitted sessions.

Pending Sessions

Do you believe that in 5 seconds you can gathering and generating an word document in your front , real time, with 48 best practices and colour-coded alerts in the items that are not being followed ? Come to my session to check the blue magic.
AWS DMS is a fantastic service that allows you migrate your data to the heterogenous databases in the AWS Cloud. In this session we will check how to use this service, what are replication instances , task and troubleshootings
RDS SQL SERVER is a managed service for SQL Server from AWS. In this session we will have a brief introduction o RDS SQL Server and practical examples on how to setup and some basic operations as use native backup and restore to point in time.


Previous Sessions

How many times have you needed to automate a restore process Asynchronous to N databases and be notified when each finalized? ...Or the SQL Server service stopped in your Server X and a notification in W task bar showing immediately what happened ?
This session will include a variety of such activities including Gathering Performance Counters in several servers at the same time using posh jobs, identifying Blocked Sessions and Reading & filtering SQL Error Log even if the Instance is offline
Attend this session and learn how to leverage PowerShell to collect data from Perfmon, DMVs, and more. This session will feature demos where attendees are encouraged to send challenges to the presenter via email for demonstration purposes.