4th - 7th May 2016


Fasten your seat belt and look at the Data Steward

In that session we will discuss about Data Governance, mainly around that fantastic platform Power BI (but also around on-prem concerns). How to avoid dataset-hell ? What are the best practices for sharing queries ? Who is the famous Data Steward and what is its role in a department or in the whole company ? How do you choose the right person ? Keywords : Power Query, Data Management Gateway, Power BI Admin Center, Datastewardship, SharePoint 2013, eDiscovery
Presented by Jean-Pierre Riehl at SQLBits XII
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    Consultant, Trainer and also manager, I lead the Data & Business Intelligence Practice in AZEO.

    I'm MVP SQL Server since 2008 and participate to many events in France.

    I love data concerns in business like Data Governance, Data Quality or Data Vizualisation. Since 2010, I specialized myself in Self-Service BI.

    I'm also one of the leader of the SQL Server Community in France.

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