Designing quality SQL Server 2014 solutions

Every solution must be an operational success, yet knowing what needs to be done to make this happen can be difficult compared to meeting its more obvious functionality objectives. This is where quality attributes, also known as non-functional requirements, can help you define your operational readiness by identifying common quality attributes such as availability, manageability, scalability and security. This session will show how you can use SQL Server 2014’s features after having formally defined your criteria for operational success, and its demos and content is relevant to both database developers and database administrators.
Presented by Gavin Payne at SQLBits XII
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    Gavin is a solution architect leading, designing and implementing information platform and data centre transformations. He has a track record of delivering projects that provide new functionality, consolidation, and standardisation. He also provides guidance in the broader areas of enterprise IT landscapes and operational best practices. He is also one of 25 Microsoft Certified Architects for SQL Server in the world and a Microsoft Certified Master, and holds architect certification from the Global IT Architect Association, IASA. His technical expertise focuses on Microsoft SQL Server data platforms and cloud infrastructures, primarily in the retail and services sectors.

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