A Comedy of Errors

Sometimes the default error messages returned by SQL Server are confusing at best, and completely misleading at worst.  If dynamic SQL is introduced into the mix, the picture can get murkier and murkier.  The project plan rarely allows time for developing a robust approach to error handling, and attempts by developers to introduce a modicum of consistency are often rebuffed by the complexities involved.  This session will peep under the bonnet at some of the considerations to take into account when planning your error handling within your application's stored procedures.  Topics covered will include TRY ... CATCH blocks, transactions, throwing errors and making your error messages informative and useful.
Presented by Andrew Whettam at SQLBits XII
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    Andrew Whettam is a Consultant for Information Management Group and has previously led the Database and Business Intelligence teams for 3M and Capital One respectively.  He works with both transactional and analytical databases and has modelled, designed and developed database systems across a variety of industry sectors.  Recent IMGROUP projects have included roles as Data Modeller for a major financial institution and Data Architect for a large conglomerate.  Past experience includes a number of high profile government projects.  He has worked with all versions of SQL Server since SQL 7.0.
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