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Ricky Brundritt

Ricky Brundritt is the Microsoft EMEA Bing Maps Technology Solution Professional. He is a Co-founder of the Bing Maps UK user group and is heavily involved in the Bing Maps community. Ricky was also a Microsoft MVP for the Windows Live Platform in 2009, 2010 & 2011 and also the winner of a Microsoft competition held in 2010 that earned him the title “King of Bing Maps”. As a former software consultant Ricky enjoys experimenting with the latest in software technology and integrating it with Bing Maps.
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New Bing Maps V8 control announced 05 Apr 2016
Today the Bing Maps team announced the release of a new HTML5 powered map control. It is fast, feature rich and developer friendly. Several new and exciting features such as Autosuggest, Streetside imagery and many business intelligence tools. See the official announcement here Filed under: Bing ...

Bing Maps imagery used in children’s book to make it more personal 21 Oct 2015
Lost My Name, a publishing and technology start up that is revolutionizing story-driven personalized entertainment for kids, has launched a new children’s book called “The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home”. This story tells the tale of a child and their robot friend who are on an amazing ...

Local Tile Layers in Bing Maps WPF 24 Aug 2015
Earlier this year the Bing Maps WPF control was updated with a number of performance and bug fixes. Most notably, navigating the map using touch works much better in Windows 8 than it did before. This update also increases the number of supported cultures from 15 to 117 and aligns with the same ...

Migrating “My Map” from Google to Bing 19 May 2015
Many users have asked about migrating their data to Bing Maps from Google Maps, after recent changes to the Google “My Map” feature. In this blog post, we show available solutions in Bing Maps. Getting your data out of Google “My Places” To get started, you can find your “My Map” data on Google ...

Recap: Bing Maps at //Build/ 2015 07 May 2015
First off we would like to say thanks to those who attended the Bing Maps sessions during //Build/ 2015 in person or online. We would also like to say thanks to those who came by the Bing booth and to ask us questions or to just try out the our new 3D maps on a…