Anthony Brown

Anthony has been a sql server DBA since 1998. Since 2001 he has worked at John Lewis on their website infrastructure. He has experience in many areas of sql server including service broker, replication and database projects

Database projects allow offline development and easy deployment of a database. Previously they were only available in team system versions of visual studio, but with the release of visual 2010 they will also be available in the professional version. This presentation will introduce the key concepts of database projects. It will also show you how to create a database project, import an existing database, modify objects and then deploy it to any sql server.
This will show the replication options available in sql server and in which situations each type can be used. I will also show how to set it up and some diagnostic techniques for when it doesnt work
This session will cover why you should run database unit tests (and when you should not). It will show how to set them up and run them in visual studio 2010

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Scripting replication with powershell 04 Apr 2011
One of the great things with powershell is the ability to easily script out sql server objects. With a bit of work you can also use it to script out replication objects, such as publications, articles and subscribers. This can be used as part of a disaster recovery plan so that you always have a ...

Leeds user group presentation on replication 04 Mar 2011
Last night I gave a presentation on replication at the Leeds sql server user group. You can find the slides and scripts I used from the presentation here

SQLBits presentation - database projects in visual studio 2010 04 Oct 2010
This weekend saw sqlbits 7 in York. This was a great conference and i learned a lot and met some really great people. A huge thanks to all the organisers and sponsors of the event You can find the slides from my presentation on database projects here.

Unpack decimal for SSIS 2008 17 Sep 2010
Microsoft released a component for SSIS 2005 to convert a packed decimal (comp 3 format) into a decimal so you can use it in a data flow. Details of it are at Unfortunately , ...

formatting xml files in visual studio 23 Feb 2010
This is not strictly a sql post, but it is to do with xml which is used in sql server.   xml files do not need to have any formatting in them. That means that when viewing an xml file produced by an application, all the data can be one line. Although this is valid xml and can be processed by ...