SQL Server 2008 Database Internals

Do you already wanted to know how SQL Server 2008 stores a database file physically on the hard drive? In this session you will learn the internal structure of a SQL Server 2008 database file, and how SQL Server stores tables and indices internally in the file system. Furthermore you will see the DBCC T-SQL command in action, with which you can analyze the internal storage format of your database files. All these information from this session helps you in your next database design to get out the last percent of performance from your new database solution.
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    Klaus Aschenbrenner provides SQL Server Consulting services across Europe and the US. He helps people around the world to understand, use, and run SQL Server installations in their environments. In the years 2004 - 2005 Klaus was honored with MVP awards from Microsoft for his tremendous support of the .NET Community. Klaus is also the author of the book Pro SQL Server 2008 Service Broker (ISBN 1590599993) published by Apress in August 2008.
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