Data Vizualisation - Make your reports useful to business - No more "Speed Dials"

This session will explain the basic principles of good data vizualisation techniques which are in use on a daily basis to improve the reporting from SQL Server. It will show examples from the "Hall of Shame" and the "Hall of Fame" and explain the good, bad and ugly referencing some of the new learnings from industry luminaries such as Edward Tufte, Stephen Few and Rolf Hichert. We will build a simple sample dashboard from scratch linked to SQL Server and provide directions to set of reference material.
Presented by Gary Crawford at SQLBits III
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    My role is as Customer Service Manager for XLCubed Ltd. XLCubed has been producing reporting, analysis and dashboard software primarily for the Microsoft BI platform since 2002 with a focus on using Excel as the authoring environment. I spend most of my time with customers helping them get the most out of our software both from a query design perspective with SQL and MDX and training the tool’s. XLCubed acquired MicroCharts in 2007 has introduced data visualisation as a key part of the role I now play with customers helping them learn best practises (after learning all the rules myself!). Before joining XLCubed I was a consultant delivering custom applications using all SQL versions since version 4.2. My main interest has always been the benefit's of technology and how to maximise the return on investment to the business.
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