4th - 7th March 2015

ExCeL London Exhibition and Convention Centre, London

Create Your Own Data Type

Have you ever needed a data type that SQL Server simply does not support? So why not add it?
Ever since SQL Server 2005, you can easily create additional data types for use in SQL Server. Using .NET integration, you can define a data type and program all the methods you need to make it behave exactly the way you want it to - both in the database and in your .NET application programs.
This session will show you exactly how to create a CLR user-defined data type, and how to integrate it in your database. Will you be the one who creates the next Big Thing, the data type that puts Spatial and Hierarchyid to shame?
Presented by Hugo Kornelis at SQLBits XI
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    Hugo is co-founder and R&D lead of perFact BV, a Dutch company that strives to improve analysis methods and to develop computer-aided tools that will generate completely functional applications from the analysis deliverable. The chosen platform for this development is SQL Server. In his spare time, Hugo likes to share and enhance his knowledge of SQL Server by frequenting newsgroups and forums, reading and writing books and blogs, and attending and speaking at conferences. For his contributions to the SQL Server community, Microsoft has given him the MVP award in 2006, and every year since.
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